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About Burnham Injury Law Firm

Who We Are

We are a Colorado personal injury firm with offices throughout Colorado.

We understand the “big picture” of personal injury representation and that starts with our mastery of the law itself. We start by investing time getting to know our clients, understanding the circumstances that created the injury, and focusing on making our clients whole again.

Often times the only way to make a client “whole” is by making the other party (and/or their insurance company) pay money.

We don’t take shortcuts. We don’t settle early because it is easier for us. We care and we fight. Period.

We provide value, support and a track record of significant success. Our former clients’ testimonials, provided throughout this website, and our ratings and awards speak to our truth.

We are who we say we are. It really is that simple, because it is absolutely the truth.

Our Philosophy

In an emotionally charged area of law, we believe in striking a balance between aggressive and compassionate representation. Taking into account your unique situation and goals, we develop a strategy and take lead in preparing your case and communicating with opposing counsel and the courts throughout the case to ensure your needs are met.

Make no mistake about it, we are a litigation firm. But our attorneys are human beings who want to help their clients move forward with their lives. We protect assets, families, and empower clients through their adversity. This philosophy, shared by the entire Burnham Injury Law Firm team, resonates in every case we handle.